[11 Latest] Best Games Like Command and Conquer to Play

Shroud loves to play video games. His favorites and listicles games revolve around more popular games ios, console, and computer games.

The command and conquer, Which is also called (C&C) series of science fiction and military-themed base and real-time strategy games and empire building. In almost all games in the command and conquer series,

payers can join technologically advanced factions, fight for more resources, and conquer their opponents in intense real-time battles.

10 Best Games Like Command and Conquer to Play

Quite a few commands and conquer like games are released for the computers, Most games mentioned in this kind of hub share a few traits with the original TRS games, including their gameplays, Plot, and tactical features. Here are eight real-time and fun, making strategy games like command and conquer.

1.Act of war: Direct action

Act of war
Act of war

Act of War the direct action is a geopolitical thriller game and action-based game. With a Plot Straight from the TOm clancy novel series and amazing cinematic thriller cut scenes, the game offers nail-biting and fantastic series of challenging campaign missions and much more. The game has much live-action, which will remind you of command and conquer two The red alert.

This game is more like an open-world game. The fans and critics have liked this game, and they love to play this game more than other games. The fourteen mission campaign is full of plot twists, and although many more missions seem a bit improbable, it offers nice Hollywood esque settings.

This game has many levels, and this level of design allows for the tactical mission. The game has only a few strategies mechanics similar to command and conquer, Including these abilities to enter buildings and also use heavy and excellent snipers to take your enemies down. While this game is stick to old school RTS.

2.Tom Clancy,s: THE END WAR

TOm clancy
TOm clancy

Command and conquer and many more military-based strategy games are presented: “What if the Cold War scenario. This game comes up with another level and version of the struggle between western and Soviet block nations. In this End war game, the events’ sequence triggers that the cold war is too impractical, so be true, but only players wil love these kinds of plots.

Like any other RTS game, The endgame lets you command the awesome and upgradable military units. The RTS elements also stick to the most common rock paper scissors concept of games. This game has more fans than any other game also and they gave reviewed about this game, which was most valuable and amazing.

3.Supreme Commander:

supreme commander
supreme commander

This sequel to the very epic futuristic RTS games that takes the robot battles to the next level and new level. There are so many new plenties of games that are based on machines to build and control them. Cybrasaurus, king krypton, and paranoid kingdom, The list is also huge and amazing. Do massive damage to buildings and enemies also.

Supreme commander two is a relatively easy and comfortable game to play while you are free. THis games most high ratings, .which is based on science fiction. This game got a massive amount of fans. And they are playing this game with the craze, and they enjoy it with their hearts also.

This online game mods like multiplayer mods, In which you can join any other player around the world. And you can play with them.

4.Rise of the Nation: Rise of the legends

rise of nation
rise of the nation

Rise of the legends The real time-based battles that take place in the global steampunk universe. This spin over the popular historical and Rts games based offers a brand new list of civilization. Each technologically advances civilization draws inspiration from many more games. This game is designed more beautifully, and it is an open-world game.

These campaign missions are quite enjoyable and have plenty of many surprises in the store of fantasy game lovers. While this gameplay and the theme don’t approach the series, Rise of the legends settings may have appeared to appeal to gamers who played this historical strategy game.

5.WorldShift :


Worldshift the both Tiberian and the red alert series of games has been imaginative. The futuristics plots and many more things are available in this game, With the large scale of battles between the technologically advanced warring factions.

DEvelopers did not try anything or something new in this RTS based game. They just improved the graphics and made the gameplay smooth and easier to understand the game’s whole logic. At the same time, this game became very popular and the most played by fans also.

6.Dune II :

dune ii
dune ii

Dune ii is also called the spiritual successor of the dune ii , Which laid more groundwork for many popular real-time games.This was released in 1992 and it is hailed as one of the most innovative games of all time.
This game has online and offline mods in which you can join many other players to fight them or either you can join their teams to play with them.

7.The Machines at war

machines at war
machines at war

Machines at the war three is a military-themed is also strategy games like command and conquer.It has many excellent top-down graphics. You will be in the command of many players, You have more than a hundred lands, sea units, and airdrops to command.

You can only view the meaning machines which are all in action from one to another angle, You cant zoom the locations .this game has a user-friendly interface also.

8.World in Conflict :


The world in the conflict is also another game with great RTS which presents an alternative version of the soviet union struggle. However, rts mechanics are more different from command and conquer instead. Of the management and deployment.

Technically this is a real time-based game that is improved more and more on every update.
Fans have liked this game very much and they also like to play this game while in their free time.Which they have many other resources available to enjoy this game.

9.The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle earth two

The Lord of the rings, the Battle between the middle earth and the rise of the furious king who expands the universe to chaos. This expansion pack to the fan-favorite game series lets you command the rise of evil and dangerous middle earth.

while experiencing the epic and awesome battles that took place in the middle earth before the movie.
Fans and critics mostly like these games because they love to play games like this .which are based on the fantasy world also.

10.Breach and clear :

Breach and clear bringing the deep tactical strategies simulation to the computers, Linux and Mac,s. YOu can build your own operations teams for the battles, Each chart ater has its own mission and own its own angle also.
This game has very special and reality-based gameplay.you can enjoy the game and open the gameplay.

Conclusion :

Mentioning these games,s purpose is to show you the best games like command and conquer.WHich you can play and enjoy just like you did command and conquer. These games are the best games ever developed.

Most people finished the command and conquer then they want some more game-like command and conquer so there are many games like this to play and enjoy while you are free to play with many other players around the world.

You can join multiplayer mods while you are playing this game and you can have fun with many other players well also.

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1.Why playing command and conquer?

This game has the most amazing graphics and excellent gameplay to enjoy. These games are the most valuable and fun playing games. You can enjoy the games and have some more fun while this is all free.

2. Are there more games like command and conquer?

Yes, there are more games like this and also this game has series which you can play and enjoy anytime you want to play and have some fun around the whole world.

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