[11 Latest] Games Like Town of Salem

The Town of Salem is a game that challenges players to lie, deceive, and find the truth, etc. Games got in sizes from Seven to fifteen players split into three Groups – Town, Mafia, and neutrals. You can never be very careful about whos who in this mystery detectives game. If you like playing mystery … Read more

[11 Latest] Games Like Mass Effect

Mass Effect is an action game series. In which the shepherd is going to save the world multiple times. They are using different weapons and gears. Its first release came in 2007. It was the perfect game for crazy gamers where you can find more fun and unique gameplay. You will probably fall in love … Read more

[11 Latest] Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

For a much longer time, final fantasy tactics games were entertaining, and nowadays, there are also most playable games with fantastic series. It was released on PlayStation 1. It is a role-playing game that was developed and produced by Squaresoft games. Its first sequel was launched in 1997 in japan. And then second was established … Read more

[11 Latest] Best Daggers in Skyrim

Sinking steel in the foes flas is not genuinely satisfying if they do not go down very fast and quickly, Which is why every known killer carries the power dagger at his side. The smartest ones keep it every time ready to be pulled out when the Dagger is required on time. Looking from the … Read more

[11 Latest] Games like Club Penguin to Play Online

Club penguin was a vastly played multiplier game that involves a virtual world that contains a large number of online games that you could play with your friends. This game was originally made by New Horizon Interactive. Which was then called (Disney Canada Inc.). Some players used avatar-like penguins to enjoy almost all the cool … Read more

Best 10 Games like Maplestory You Should Play

Maplestory is the most well known 2D game on the planet. With a great many players actually playing the game from 10 years, it stays as one of the most-played internet games ever. It has huge content, and players carry on their hunt in order to keep discovering new things and to do something in … Read more

Best OBS Streaming Setting for Twitch 720P/1080P/60FPS

With regards to live streaming, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is one of the most famous bits of streaming tools available. It’s a powerful program, no uncertainty but the only problem with it is the lofty expectation to learn about all of its information. To assist you with setting up OBS streaming quicker, we’ve arranged this … Read more