[13 Latest] Games Like Battlefield V for PC, PS4

Battlefield V for PC, PS4 is the most top-rated action game. It is one of the best games. Fans mostly loved it because of its graphics and gameplay scenes. Some of the fans mostly loved it because of its smoothness.

Battle field V
Battlefield V

There are many more games, like the battle of field series. This series is based on guns, vehicles and locations, and different maps. This game has a perfect FPS and rendering system.

Fans And critics are mad about the battle of field v, and its different modes are updated in this version. The audience loved it because of its new features.

Top 10 Games Like Battlefield V for PC, PS4

1.Prince of Persia

Prince od persia
Prince of Persia

Another best game like Battlefield V for PC, PS4 is Prince of Persia. It is based on the action, and there is a dagger from the saints who lived in old times, and now this dagger is handed over to the Prince of Persia, the young boy who can fight everyone who is against the kingdom.

His kingdom was snatched from him by his uncle, who was against the start and wanted to possess the kingdom. First, he killed his father, and then he wanted to rue on the world by taking his dagger too.
It is the most highly played game on time. Fans like this game due to its story and graphics also. Once you played it, you cant leave it until you the whole complete story.

2.Assassin creed: Rogue

Assassin creed rogue
Assassin creed rogue

Assassin creed series is one of the perfect series of games ever made. This game holds ancient people and their lives, how they spent it, and how the assassins were made.

There are several characters in this game, like Al Tahir, Ezio, and many more historical characters. Once you started playing it. You will absolutely love it until you finish the whole game or whole series of this game. You will use more and more extraordinary weapons and skills to kill enemies.

There are different cities in each series of games. Each and all games are made at different times and different characters of games. This game was the finest game ever made off. Fans and critics are waiting for the next series to play and enjoy the game’s whole story.

3.The last of us

Last of us
Last of us

The last of us is a new series of the game based on almost true events and life stories of different characters. Most people like this game because of its story, and life events are shown in the game.

Many people developed this game by making their minds develop this game for two or three years almost. In this game, the character survives his life, and his friend’s whole is really very important to him.

This game is based on FPP mode and extremely smooth graphics, and also you can play this game in HDR. There are so many features available that will make you think about the whole game idea. Many new weapons are also added to this game.

4.Call of Duty: World war iii (three)


Call of duty CoD has a different fan base level. There are so many series of this game. It includes the different weapons in each series of Call of duty, But Call of duty CoD world war three has awesome weapons in the inventory. Its inventory is the high-class level of the game.

This game is made on the war which is being fought on the world between different countries. They became enemies of each other, so they started a war to kill their enemies.

Fans loved this game because of its different modes and stories, and it got amazing scenes from real life. There are so many new weapons and strong tools for killing enemies. You can also operate vehicles and helicopters etc. Fans and critics even say that this most playable game of the year 2019.

5.Max Payne ii

Max Payne ii
Max Payne ii

Max Payne is a fantastic action-based game.in this game, Max Payne, some thugs and gangsters have killed s family. So he went to seek his revenge for the family he lost when he was not at home. They killed his family for no reason.

Fans started playing this game from its first version, then it came to its best quality of graphics, and it has a smooth and best FPS system, but this game is only for single and multiplayer modes. You will absolutely love this game and enjoy this game. It has more weapons and combat of hand to hand, also using legs to kick enemies.

6.Tomb Raider: Rise of the tomb raider

Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider

Crystal dynamics develop tomb raider series. This game is based on Lara croft life who seeks out for adventures and is stuck in many quests that are very difficult to solve. And find out the solution to traps and find how to escape from them or fight the enemies.

Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb was initially released in 2015, but it has the whole series before this game.character can climb on walls, rock, hills, and trees. Several weapons are being used to kill and eliminate the enemies, and there are different tools for climbing. This game will take you to the many mysterious places like you are doing whole things in real.

7.PUBG (Player unknown battlegrounds)


PUBG (Player unknown battlegrounds) has high ratings of 2019 to 2020. This game gained millions of followers and fans in this time of period. Players can play in squad, duo, and solo. There are many different modes in this PUBG game, like the TDM team deathmatch, Evo grounds, war modes, etc.

More than a billion-plus people are playing this game at this time .it is a royal battle game where you can purchase the royal pass tickets to gain your inventory and skins. There are characters you can purchase by UC (unknown cash).
You can operate vehicles and bikes in this game and can fly helicopters to reach fast in a safe zone.there are many weapons in this game to kill enemies with them.once your teammate gets knocked, you can revive them in some time.



Rust is an action game. There are so many naked players running in rust. It is even more than you want to see as you started to go against the players with weapons having xenophobic tendencies.

Most fun of this game, you fight not only players. First, you have to face thirst, hunger, cold, etc. you should survive them to save your life. Then you should explore the gears, foods and clothes and warm places to survive.
Build shelters, buildings, and houses and protect them from hurting them or raid them to take possession.

9.Day of infamy

Day of Infamy
Day of Infamy

Day of infamy is based on true story life events. Day of infamy includes the multiplayer mode and single modes with different characters and locations and different maps in the game.

Fand and critics also love this game because of its simulations and graphics of this game. Mostly love this game because of its smoothness quality of rendering. And it’s an FPP game mode only. There are a lot of weapons updated in this game. You can drive vehicles and loot the crates of other soldiers. There are so many new amazing features in this game you will surely enjoy it.

10.Freedom Fighter II

Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter

A freedom fighter is based on fiction just. In which the plumbers are heroes of the game. Some thugs kidnap his brother, and the hero character went to fight them and saved his brother from them.

It also has combat modes like the hand to hand and weapons like pistols and machine guns to kill their enemies who kidnapped his brother. There are amazing visuals in this game. Most people love it because of its graphics and audios that are updated in the Freedom Fighter II.


There you go – top 10 games like Battlefield V for PC and PS4. These games are something you should enjoy playing if you really want to expand your gaming experience. For suggestions and queries, you’re welcome to post a comment below.

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1. Are fans really playing these games?

Yes, they are playing and enjoying also

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These games are the best games ever made yet.


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