[13 Latest] Games like Corruption of Champions

Corruption of Champions is really a content-based hentai game for PC and Android. The game highlights grown-up content as its fundamental subject. The entire game rotates around straightforward content, where the primary character gets shifted to a world loaded with sensual evil presences.

Before you start the game, it will get some information about your character, regardless of whether it is a male or a female, and furthermore will permit players to customize their bodies as well. When character customization is finished, players will, at that point, follow the story by browsing sections of text that mention to them what’s going on around them.

12 Games like Corruption of Champions

It’s a good experience, but there are other games like corruption of champions that you can play in the meanwhile for fun and entertainment. So here are the best games like the corruption of champions.

12 Games like Corruption of Champions
12 Games like Corruption of Champions


Torn is a game with in excess of 2 million dynamic players at some random time. It isn’t just one of the most well known content-based games but is likely one of a hugely multiplayer text-based online RPG.

  • Devotees of corruption of champions will probably take to this game. Torn gives players the choice to do anything and go anyplace, given you have the vital measure of assets.
  • A moderate expectation to absorb information makes it accessible to pretty much any player, and the ongoing interaction is addictive.
  • Torn is the ideal case of games that needn’t bother with visuals to be energizing.

Evenicle 2

Evenicle 2 is another game in the list of best games like the corruption of champions. The game is created by Alicesoft in 2019 and is appraised 18+. Another interesting thing about Evenicle is that it highlights soundtracks.

Evenicle 2
Evenicle 2
  • The universe of Evenicle 2 is set in one of the divided universes of Eve. In contrast to the primary game, this one has a totally new program of characters.
  • It mostly follows the experiences of Alex, who is a youthful specialist whose activity is to fix ladies that are harrowed with an ailment utilizing a supernatural force called Medica.
  • This capacity of his permits him to recover ladies through sex.

Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel

Bokuten – Why I Became An Angel is a game that communicates the ideas of adoration and bliss. It is created by OVERDRIVE and distributed by MangaGamer. In spite of the fact that it is not actually a suggestive game, it actually has over 40 hours of interesting browse time that will keep the player snared for more often than not.

  • An interesting thing about this game is that it highlights 35 distinctive tools and 9 vocal melodies that play all through the game. The player browses 4 distinct characters, where every single one of them has their own novel course.

The Poor Whore

For those in affection with the content-based games, this can be a treat. It is one of the games like the corruption of champions but is viable with the Windows working framework and can be downloaded on it to be played.

  • The game permits the players to perform different tasks like investigating the encompassing scene, speaking with the new characters, and finishing the journeys to push forward to additionally experience more.

Flexible Survival

In case you are searching for games like the corruption of champions, this game is a perfect fit. The flexible survival has a storyline dependent on the occurrences in 2008 and was created by Nuku Valente. The game is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and others.

  • It starts with the area of the apocalypse, where the infection is spread, and you, as the fundamental player, need to guard yourself before the military goes after recovery.

Carnal Souls

The ones with adoration for private gaming will cherish this. Carnal Souls is one of the games like corruption of champions as RPG based open-world experience computer game with a ton of sexual stuff in it.

Carnal Souls
Carnal Souls
  • It offers the battle modes to help you to remember the Witcher Series and permits you to book with the supervisors and adversaries. You get different choices to lure the evil presence.
  • This game highlights an awesome inspiring storyline, different options to change the characters, settle and reveal stories, plunder the fortune, and investigate astounding new places.

Last Evil

Last Evil is a procedure game that likewise includes grown-up content, and it is considered to be only played by 18+. It is created by Flametorch, though it is distributed by Critical Bliss. It is also one of only a handful few roguelike single-player card methodology games accessible to play.

  • In Last Evil, the player is compelled to go down the deepest of the prisons so as to awaken the Great Demon. On his excursion, he should gather incredible spells and battle against all the foes that remain on his way.
  • Vanquishing the evil will permit the player to gather their points and keep investigating the depths of the prison.

Fall Of Eden

Fall of Eden is another game made by Fenoxo. Its ongoing interaction gives you feel as it is one of the games like Corruption of Champions. You will play the game in a similar book based organization, while additionally having a similar degree of customization on your character.

Fall Of Eden
Fall Of Eden
  • While playing out basically a similar accurate way, the game has a marginally unique twist. The best way to play Fall of Eden is through Fenoxo’s page utilizing your program, or by downloading it on your PC.
  • The game beginnings off by letting you pick everything about your character and his/her name.
  • You can be free with your creative mind and pick your character as indicated by your choices.

Trails in Tainted Space

This game is created by Fenexo and the group that planned the Corruption of Champions. It is the second most well known content-based game and one of the games like corruption of champions. The game is additionally mainstream for its suggestive and sexual components. You get additional customization alternatives for the character that some other game has on this rundown.

  • You enter the game, discover and open new characters, and start your in-game experience. The plot spins around the life of the fundamental character that acquired a boat left by his dad as he set out to get more influence and riches.
  • As the primary character, you get the chance to interface and have sexual associations with different characters.

Free Cities

Free Cities is a game that depends on “Bondage” with outrageous sexual components simply like Corruptions of Champions. The game works around the essential components of subjection that are selling, purchasing, and preparing of the slaves that are there in the game.

Free Cities
Free Cities
  • Since you start the game as a slave dealer, you get the outright control over your slaves. You get a few sexual choices with every one of your slaves also.
  • On the drawback, there are a few bugs in the game, and there is no alternative to redo your character, which is truly disturbing to a portion of the clients. And the engineers attempted to make up for this with the graphics and slave obsession in the game.

My Very Own Lith

This is somewhat best in class games under the classification of Games like Corruption of Champions. It requires a player and can be played on a browser online without you downloading it on your system.

  • The game “My Very own Lith” fulfills an energizing component for the players. It offers different versions of the game that are the help variants with additional hands for the player like cheats, choice acceptance, and public form.

Kingdom of Loathing

The game can be played in two modes; multiplayer mode or single-mode. It tends to be played online on the program and requires no downloading of the game to play. It is one of the games like the corruption of champions, and it permits you to make your graphics and the characters for your gaming world.

Kingdom of Loathing
Kingdom of Loathing
  • The player should fight and execute the beasts to procure the prizes, experience points, gain aptitudes, gather items and meat, and considerably more stuff.
  • It additionally permits the player to include in exchanging or cultivating to build the economy.
  • The game starts with you choosing the sexual orientation of your character and afterward picking the style from six classes Seal clubber, Sauceror, Turtle tamer, Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, and a Pastamancer.


In this discussion, we discussed the best games like the corruption of champions that can be played on your system. For more details, mail us or leave a comment.

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