[11 Latest] Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

For a much longer time, final fantasy tactics games were entertaining, and nowadays, there are also most playable games with fantastic series. It was released on PlayStation 1. It is a role-playing game that was developed and produced by Squaresoft games.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics

Its first sequel was launched in 1997 in japan. And then second was established in 1998 in the united stated of America. It was the most loving game with many actions and weapons at that time.

10 Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

It is just based on a fictional medieval kingdom, which is called Ivalice. This game story followed the characters of Ramza Beoulve. A cadet who finds himself in the middle of thrust military base.
There are so many games like final fantasy tactics. These are all mentioned below. You will love to play these series.

1.Final Fantasy XV (2016)

This game is one of the highlighted games from their whole series. This is an eye-catching game. According to scenes, you can use different weapons and gears in the open-world game, and it has many new and unforgettable characters with different faces. You can also choose one and play with them. Fans and critics liked this game most and loved it a lot.

There are so many series of this game. You can enjoy the stories of all and play them for a long time in the gaming world. They all are based on fiction but not on actual events and developments.

Out of the way, there are so many games like final fantasy tactics, and it also has a different series of games instead of this. You can enjoy all of them when you start playing.

2.Xcom 2

Xcom 2
Xcom 2

Xcom two is released 20 years before its actual release. It was the best game to play while you have so many games, but this was an eye-catching game, and you can enjoy it still now. There are so many weapons that were added to this game.

Players were charged in place of avengers. An avenger is useful to research the enemies fighting and weakness tactics. It follows the military existence and fighting against the aliens from other planets. And kill them with upgraded fictional weapons.

Customization is highly emphasized in this game. Allowing you to change your names and also you can change avatars in the game and much more included. Fans are still playing this game.

3.Fire Emblem: Three houses

Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem

fire Emblem is an FFT based game. While fft and Fe have historically catered to 2 different types of audiences. They both share the very similarities when it comes to gameplay.

This game has the freedom ways to choose your path to go on and play this game. You can enjoy its smoothness and textures. It has amazing characters, and it can be customized, and you can choose players that you want to carry the gameplay.

Some Fans are crazy about this game, and they want to play more games like Fire Emblem. So there are many alternatives like this for fans to enjoy them as well.

4.Wintermoor tactics club


Wintermoor tactics club Visuals and story present the latest views of the game. It has novel tactics That blend both story and gameplay carefully on the way to your journey for getting for powerful heroes. Characters can level up and give you access to power up your weapons and use them against them.

The more you spread the influence of the club, the more character will join your group also. And that also allows you to work with companions to try out the new team you just made. This game has more new strategies and skills to achieve and complete missions.

5.Disgaea: Complete

Disgaea: Complete
Disgaea: Complete

The Disgaea series was the most famous version of FFT. And it starts hitting to FFT when its original version was released. In this game, you can invite more players to your team and give them access to customize the unit for better performance in the game.

There are millions of FFT fans out there. They all are waiting for more games like Disgaea game. It was one of the most popular series of FFT based games. Once you started this game and will never leave it without completing the whole game, you will enjoy the gameplay.



Wargroove is one of the most popular games. It was developed in 1987 by a small group of people. Some fans are even more interested in this game, and they love to play war grooves, and they really want to spend more and more time in this game. You can create your own team and play with different team members while they are free to play with you.

Wargroove is a certain game that you can have some fantastic time, and players can even play it when they are often free. And there are several weapons that are added in this game. You can use all of them when it is needed to use them.



WilderMyth is the most adorable game of all time. In this game, you can create characters and teams on papers. They come to life after you have drawn them on paper. You can play and perform many actions by using different weapons and gears. This game was the most playable and awesome game ever made and developed in the world of FFT gaming.

This game allows different skilled players to the wall, flanking, and jumping through the different walls also. This game was most loved by fans and critics. At that time, you were able to play online modes in this game. Players can join this game from different countries also.

8.Sword Legacy: Omen

Sword Legacy

Sword Legacy Omen has different gameplay types. In this game, there is King Arthur’s whole story from the perspective of king uther and unforgiving the knights on a quest to find its fable powerful sword after getting the sword and rescuing his beloved wife also.

There are so many new and old players are playing this game right now. While they love to play, and it has so many new features. So they can usually play it for a good time and having some real fun included in this game. Maps are just like open worlds but little small and closed.

There are several magical swords, and different more sword’s to use in battles and combats. Most of these weapons are usaully you can you use in game while you are playing it.

9.Alvora Tactics

Alovora Tactics
Alovora Tactics

Alvora Tactics is the best RPG that will harken back to classic FFT while incorporating more like modern features, Such as destructible terrain and part handcrafted things. This game has awesome skills new features so the players can enjoy it while playing this fantastic game.

This game was the most adorable release of back in that time. In this game of action, you can make your own team attack the others to defeat them. There are so many players from other countries and different regions to play with you.

10.Fell seal: Arbiters Mark

Fell Sea
Fell Sea

Fell seal game was very inspired by FFT from the extensive class-based system of management. These rulers in the game will entrust some mortal officers of the justice is called The Arbitors. There are so many games like this in the market, while most of the audience is suggest this game to play.

There are several teams, and each team has several players. That can customize their roles and rankings by playing the game and get more points for rankings and customization. This game is also based on multiplayer online mode. Characters have many new features for playing games. There are several weapons in this game to use in combat and fight.


These games are most likely alternatives like Final Fantasy Tactics; most games will make you a fan of this game. Therefore you should play these games if you already have finished the Final Fantasy Tactics.

These games almost have online and multiplayer modes in which you can play with other players, just like Final Fantasy Tactics. These games have different stories than others, but gameplays are almost the same as all games.

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1.Can these games can be played on a computer?

Yes, this game is for computers also. can be played on windows 10 and 7.

2.Are, these games are easy to download?

Yes, these can be download from any good website.

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