Best 10 Games like Maplestory You Should Play

Maplestory is the most well known 2D game on the planet. With a great many players actually playing the game from 10 years, it stays as one of the most-played internet games ever. It has huge content, and players carry on their hunt in order to keep discovering new things and to do something in the game.

Best 10 Games like Maplestory

There are several other games that give you experience feelings of games like Maplestory. Are you one of those people searching with the expectation of complimentary Games like MapleStory to play in 2020? Then you are in luck.

Best 10 Games like Maplestory
Best 10 Games like Maplestory

We have got you a refreshed rundown with the best allowed to play MMORPG games like MapleStory, dependent on indistinguishable highlights, including ongoing interaction, mechanics, and other related qualities.

1. LaTale

One of the best games like Maplestory with a clean and in addition to a delightful world, LaTale has to bring to the table its players. It is another in the 2D side-looking over games that offers MMORPG.

1. LaTale
1. LaTale

It’s additionally a Korean game structure that was created in 2006 and later got to different areas as North America in 2008.

  • The game world has a lot to be searched in that world with all the charming and cherishing characters.
  • Here you experience a few journeys that make you ready to reach the far corners of the planet, and along these lines, you increase significant levels with a few updates.
  • The primary concern that pulls in to the interactivity is the neat look with three green views in general.

2. Soul Saver Online

Another addition in the list of games like Maplestory, soul saver online comes at second. The game backings the 2D mode for the looking over MMORPG class, where you discover a great deal investigation as the content is good and clear.

  • You are set in a dreamland where detestable forces are built up their domain step by step, and you are on the intention to prevent this from happening. You are the hero of mankind that is stuck in the realm of malicious things.
  • To make it more fun, the game gives you a few choices to change your avatar, for example, those eyes, hair, weapon, and even sexual orientation so you can feel that character in the game with your character.

3. Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is a free MMORPG created by IMC Games, which is also one of the games like Maplestory. The game offers numerous shared traits with Maplestory: its illustrations are a charming 2-2.5D anime style, there are different classes to browse, you can redesign your weapons and protection, and there are societies/groups to make things more fun.

4. Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is another Korean created game like Maplestory that was released in 2005. This game also has a great number of the fan base because it is a greater amount of an arcade-kind of the game that happens to blend in RPG components. All things considered, there are a lot of features similar to Maplestory. From the 2D character designs to the plunder cultivating and supervisor strikes, there’s a ton to do in the game.

4. Dungeon Fighter Online
4. Dungeon Fighter Online
  • There are more than 40 classes, so there’s a great deal of chance to assume different tasks.
  • There’s even a crafting framework.

5. Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is another MMORPG that highlights most of the features to be in the list of games like Maplestory. The game was released in 2010, and it turned out to be a huge success of that time too.

5. Eden Eternal
5. Eden Eternal
  • The game’s player base isn’t as extensive as in the past. However, there is as yet a bad-to-the-bone base of players getting a charge out of endgame substance and PvP.
  • Eden Eternal is extraordinary to play in case you’re searching for an easygoing game.

6. Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga seems to be a good choice for you if you are looking for games like Maplestory. The game is more of a 3D and gives you more space and experience to move your character. It has rich substance with four beginning classes to browse. The individuals who are searching for an alternate gaming experience should truly check Dragon Saga out.

6. Dragon Saga
6. Dragon Saga
  • It has an imaginative combo framework, causing a generally dark battle to feel amazing.
  • You are not simply going to pound your buttons unending; timing and ability are important to fight beasts and different parts in PvP.

7. Lunia

Lunia is a 2.5D MMORPG that will also help you to remember the essence of arcade battling games. What sets Lunia apart from the others on the list of games like Maplestory is that it has a phase-based ongoing interaction as opposed to having an open world like other web-based games. Lunia additionally has dazzling music, which makes your playing time even more pleasant.

  • You can begin as a Knight, Healer, Wizard, Thief, Archer, or Paladin.
  • As your character gets stronger, you can open amazing characters with more unique capacities.
  • The reliable game updates will likewise leave you with a ton to pay special mind to while playing the game.

8. NosTale

NosTale is a great game that includes anime-enlivened designs. You can look over 3 classes, with a great start to edit your characters with order cards and proceed to play any of the 15 playable characters.

8. NosTale
8. NosTale
  • Besides the typical story and completing missions, you can likewise catch and train pets and improve your homes.
  • The mission framework is an incredible component in NosTale as it puts a lot of difficulty on the story, which could enthrall and motivate any player to complete it and do some more.

9. Lost Saga

Lost Saga is a game you must try. You are never going to be exhausted with its relentless battle, particular game modes, and numerous classes to browse. You can play through various game modes set in significantly planned fields.

  • There are more than 100 playable characters, each bragging a novel set aptitudes and style of play.
  • This by itself is amazingly invigorating, as you can play a character that you haven’t played in any battling MMO previously.
  • You have the choice to play in solo missions or battle close by others in energizing group matches.
  • In case that you are a real fight fan, Lost Saga is a game you ought not to set out to miss.

10. Elsword Online

Elsword is a 2D activity MMORPG, and one of the games like Maplestory with an energizing battle framework and an old fashioned beat them up style. It has extremely overall quite fresh designs, and there are no dark minutes in this activity stuffed web-based game.

10. Elsword Online
10. Elsword Online
  • In Elsword, you can play with different players to clear stages and different community missions. You can likewise fight it out with different parts in an exciting PvP match, and see your name ascend to the top in the games positioning framework.
  • You can win types of gear and embellishment things to make your character more grounded.
  • There are lots of characters to look over, so you’ll doubtlessly get a new line of work that best suits your style of play.


In this discussion, we discussed the best 10 games like Maplestory with their details. The data mentioned here is quite relevant and taken from the authentic sources. For more details or your questions, we have provided a box below to leave your comments.

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Is MapleStory 1 or 2 better?

In MapleStory 2, there’s no compelling reason to remain on one guide and pound beasts for quite a long time like in the first game. In case you’re hoping to kill a few pigs and run a few assaults, this is presumably the game for you. Yet, on the off chance that you need to simply granulate the entire day and night, you should adhere to the first MapleStory.

What happened to MapleStory?

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To us, it’s fundamentally a free form of the game that we love. All the principal workers are very weakened since there’s a lot of them. On the head of that, Reboot is commonly more famous as it’s only a more pleasant f2p/low spending experience. Your character is worth what you granulate, not what you purchase.

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