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Millsberry is a Virtual World, Online, Fantasy, and Browser-based Simulation game that was developed by General Mills. The game lets you get into the game world by choosing and redoing your online avatar by picking a face, dress, manufacture type, sexual orientation, and other details like in different MMORPGs.

In this game, you connect with different players, make another companion, talk with others, and play small games together. The game rotates around five huge elements, for example, Hunger, Fitness, City, Health, and Intelligence. It centers around children and lets you carry on with your second life in the game.

14 Games like Millsberry

It is a good game, but what if you start to feel like you need to try other games like millsberry? Well, we have an answer to that. In this discussion, we have listed the best games like millsberry for you that you can play and experience new worlds.

14 Games like Millsberry
14 Games like Millsberry

Here are the best ones from our pick.

1. Virtual City HD

Virtual City HD is a Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, Single-player Simulation in which a definitive mission of the player makes his city and conquer assets. In this game, the player plays as a chairman of an excellent city, and the game permits the player to construct different structures, make enterprises, make transport courses and give all the things that the individuals need.

1. Virtual City HD
1. Virtual City HD
  • Toward the beginning of the game, the player has hardly any assets; however, after the advancement of the game, the player will open more stuff that makes the game additionally energizing and charming.
  • The ongoing interaction of the game comprises of a progression of levels, and each degree of the game offers more pleasant interactivity of the last one.

2. Pet City

Pet City is one of the games like millsberry, which is free to Play, Virtual-Pets, Fantasy-based, and Single-player computer games created by Nanobitsoftware.com. The game happens in a delightful world that is loaded with adorable pets. You can take some cutest and freshest pets while searching for various areas.

2. Pet City
2. Pet City
  • A definitive assignment of the player is to deal with his pets and play a collection of games.
  • It offers customization choices that permit the player to modify the appearance of his adorable pet with various energizing things.
  • You can open new Pets, Upgrades, NPCs, embellishments, and connect with yourself in investigation experience are the most unmistakable highlights of the game.
  • With extraordinary mechanics, very addictive ongoing interaction, and lovely designs info, Pet City is a decent game for kids.

3. Neopets

Neopets is about little and adorable animals that work for you like characters. The ordinary updates keep clients occupied with various exercises of Neopets. It is one of the games like millsberry.

  • The principle thought process is to search the world named Neopia while receiving your pet known as Neopet and face the difficulties you experience in the journey.
  • The animals are numerous, so you can have your decision and go to modify them by picking the shading and a few different highlights.
  • Another extraordinary thing is that you can receive up to four pets in case you can’t choose for only one and simply deal with them.

4. Horzer

Horzer is a game in which you have horses, and you have to train them, bring them into the opposition, and even exchange them. Initially, you have to make an account and pick from the twelve horse breeds. You can check everyone’s characteristics details and pick according to your decisions. After picking a horse, you are prepared to name it, shading it, and have it as your pet.

  • The interactivity starts once you are totally settled; it takes you to the network. There you partake in a few exercises with your Horse and deal with your funds.
  • The earned cash can be spent to improve your Horse and feed it.

5. Movie Star Planet

Another game in the list of best games like millsberry is Movie star planet. In this game, you pick your avatar, and you are acceptable to carry on with the life you had always wanted that spin around turning into a superstar or a celebrity. The game is accessible for both desktop and cell phones.

5. Movie Star Planet
5. Movie Star Planet
  • So in the ongoing interaction, you expect to be social and imaginative. Make your films and let the network think about it. And so you win acclaim and money called StarCoins.
  • You spend the money on purchasing more outfits and moves up to improve motion pictures.

6. Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a spectacular game in the class due to the super clear illustrations and its graphics and also the animals that you can’t find in some other games. The virtual world experience suits youngsters that advance instructive content, so it guarantees no off-base content in the game.

  • The interactivity centers around training with fun where players find out about planet preservation, worldwide kindness, nature, and considerably more. You get on the planet called Jamaa, where diverse natural things occur.
  • Here you investigate, learn realities, and get things.
  • Also, you embrace pets, enliven the home, make companions, and earn cash.

7. Binweevils

Binweevils permits you to do a lot of incredible exercises in this virtual world because it is also one of the games like millsberry. When you wrap up your little six-legged canister weevil, you will be given your own one of a kind home or a home that you can outfit as per your needs with things that can be purchased from various shops in the guide.

7. Binweevils
7. Binweevils
  • Things or attire and different requirements can be gotten by the utilization of Mulch or Dosh, which is the cash utilized here. Mulch can undoubtedly be earned by playing and finishing tasks; you can even procure dosh by turning into a Tycoon for example, by paying for a registration that will give you admittance to a lot of amazing advantages for you receptacle weevil that is ensured to make your experience a more pleasant one.
  • Different things which you can do as a standard client is a discussion to individuals who are capable with the assistance of the talk bar.
  • There are various intriguing riddles to find out here, and you can even develop your own nursery with the most lovely plants you have ever seen.

8. Dino Pets

Dino Pets is a Breeding, MMO, and Fantasy Simulation and one of the games like millsberry, which is created and distributed by Miniclip.com. It happens in the shocking reality where dinosaurs and people live respectively in harmony.

  • The universe of the game loaded up with a huge number of players around the world.
  • To get into the game world, you need to make your interesting look, and you need to deal with the infant of dinosaurs and must watch how it develop and turn into the grown-up.

9. My Horse

My Horse is a game for children and grown-ups by NaturalMotionGames. It happens in the dream based world and incorporates many ponies to play with and enjoy.

  • Through customization, you can make and customize your own pony with various components.
  • A definitive assignment is to think about your Horse by treating, taking care of, and prepping it.

10. Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is a Fantasy, Multiplayer Online, and Role-playing computer game for versatile platforms, for example, Android and iOS. The game fills in as the replacement to Club Penguin and offers comparable interactivity to its past title. It offers a delightful world populated with different players from around the world.

10. Club Penguin Island
10. Club Penguin Island

11. Fantasy Forest Story

Fantasy Forest Story is an Single-player adventure game like millsberry for Android. The game offers energizing ongoing interaction that happens in the dream condition brimming with legendary animals.

It lets the player discover a lovely universe of supernatural animals in the game with a goal to raise creatures and incubate their lovable, charming children like the incredible Crystal unicorn.

12. WolfQuest

WolfQuest is an Adventure, Role-playing, Online, Single, and Multiplayer Simulation game created by Eduweb. The game offers a blend of Survival, Exploration, and Virtual World components.

12. WolfQuest
12. WolfQuest
  • In the game, you can expect the role of the wolf, and your principal task is to investigate an open situation and learn and comprehend about wolves and their characters that they play in nature.

13. Star Stable

Star Stable is a Virtual Horse, Fantasy, and Browser-based Simulation game. The game happens in the dreamland of Jorvik and lets you select your preferred Horse and investigate the game world by riding on it.

  • The game is brimming with a large number of other online players like you, and you can collaborate with them, make new companions, total testing missions, and achieve a few races.

14. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is another one of the games like millsberry, as Single-player and Multiplayer computer games created by Nintendo. The game happens in the dreamland and lets the player get into the body of the hero.

14. Animal Crossing
14. Animal Crossing
  • The world is brimming with human creatures, and the game empowers the player to investigate it, connect with creatures and different NPCs continuously.
  • Animal Crossing is a social test system, offering unending interactivity, in which the player can carry on with life independently with a little plot.


In this discussion, we discussed games like millsberry and their amazing experience. For more details, leave a comment below.

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For what reason did Millsberry shut down?

Following six superb years, General Mills shut the ways to Millsberry on December 31, 2010, because of the waning quantities of clients. Dizzywood was an unfathomably differing on the web world.

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