[11 Latest] Games Like Myst

Myst is a bold riddle game where players assume responsibility for the primary character in Myst Island. It is tied in with uncovering secretive books that open up new universes and periods.

Step by step alongside your quest on the island; you search a few things and become familiar with the whole story. The article here is to tell you about the games like Myst that satisfy your ongoing interaction if you want to play such games.

Games Like Myst of The Year

For your ease, in this discussion, we have listed the best games like Myst below.

Games Like Myst
Games Like Myst

1. XON Episode One

A game like Myst that appears to be engaging with the wonderful scenes with fine ambient melodies consistently runs along and includes an ideal air with the terrific situations, XON Episode One is a great game like Myst.

XON Episode One
XON Episode One

XON Episode One is an open-world game where you feel basically no limitations and search any place you need. The surrounding contains an outsider like land, so it resembles a blend of land and outsider earth with respect to innovation and different spots.

  • Ongoing interaction relies upon the puzzle settling type where experience tails you along. The mix of human and outsider components makes it a one of a kind perspective to play.
  • With everything taken into account, you won’t miss Myst with the experience of getting into the universe of XON.

2. The Witness

The slogan for The Witness is “you wake up, alone, on an odd island brimming with puzzles that will challenge and shock you.” If that doesn’t seem like Myst, nothing else does!

The Witness
The Witness

The second you boot up the game and set foot on the lovely, far-reaching, island, you’ll need to search it completely. Fortunately, there are more than 500 riddles to possess your time, and brilliant, clear hues to compensate for your struggles.

  • The Witness contrasts from Myst in that in Myst; the game was isolated into independent Ages integrated with the subject of the island.
  • The Ages of Myst all had their various experiences of tasks (utilizing sound for Selenetic or occupying water for Channelwood and Stoneship) that held it together and caused it to feel remarkable. On the other hand, The Witness is certifiably not a game where the player associates with a riddle essentially. Or maybe you’re tackling particular riddles to make singular things work, sort of like Sudoku or crosswords.
  • The game is still objective-based at its center, notwithstanding, you’ll have a lot of motivating force to search the new ground, find new pieces of information, recapture your lost memory, and ideally step back home.

3. Timelapse

In this game like Myst, the player is on the job of a swashbuckler who gets a call from Professor Alexander Nichols. You get a challenge to arrive at Easter Island, but when you contact, you don’t discover anything aside from the teacher’s diary and camera.


The whole riddle fathoming situation depends on the lost city of Atlantis. From here, the interactivity starts that takes you to search a few peculiar grounds of Egypt, Maya, and Anasazi.

  • Your central goal is to arrive at Atlantis to get your companion Nichols and for this player must set up a progression of a few tasks and riddles.
  • Also, ongoing interaction permits you to read that left diary to find support on the experience.

4. Obduction

In this game like Myst, the game world offers an outsider situation where you, as a human, get dropped in a weird spot. This spot appears as though the outsider land, so the scenes appear to be a blend of earth and outside world.


Here your quest begins with finding the way back home, so investigation happens that gets you a few riddles to light and step forward.

  • Interactivity offers the main individual viewpoint that is a point and capture framework simply like Myst, so you won’t feel a similar encounter.
  • A novel capacity is that you can test the components to explain the riddle, and this all occurs in a 3D domain.

5. XING: The Land Beyond

The game takes you in the land called XING, where your experience begins after your passing, so you fill in like a ghost in the riddle understanding classification. As your journey starts, you begin tackling all the secrets and stories to encounter how life appears to be in the afterlife.

XING: The Land Beyond
XING: The Land Beyond
  • So being existence in the story of death condition, the universe of XING consistently draws in players to attempt the riddle based game. The interactivity in Xing offers a first-individual point of view where everything relies upon your coherent and innovative psyche.
  • There are a few situations to search for, for example, wilderness, desert, mountain, and island, and all these look so excellent.

6. The Room

Presumably, the most widely praised title in our list, The Room, is a game like Myst, which is just an absolute necessity play, in case of the riddle gamers.

The Room
The Room

Why? It’s loaded with content, there’s a strong plot, the riddles are wonderful, the air is lovely and emotional, and we appreciated each experience of it.

  • The Room happens in the steampunk-enlivened storage room of a deserted house. A cast-iron safe weaving machines in the closer view and guarantees something great and covered inside. The point is, would you be able to make sense of how to open it?
  • The Room won a BAFTA and furthermore generated two additional games, The Room Two and The Room Three, the two of which got overwhelmingly positive surveys on Steam.

7. Quern

Quern is one of our preferred games on this list in light of the fact that that it is just a game like Myst (welcome back to an island brimming with unsolved riddles), it closely resembles it. The soundtrack and SFX are on point, and the UI is a stage well beyond the desire.


With respect to its riddles, Quern adopts an alternate strategy from most games. As opposed to giving individual littler riddles like The Witness or more extensive, more full-scale puzzles like Myst spin-offs Riven or Exile, Quern shows you mechanics that develop and develop more perplexing as you search further and further on the island.

  • At an early stage, you’ll get an in-game note pad that you can write in and use to portray. While this framework isn’t totally progressive, it is cleaned regularly.
  • Basically, point your mouse and press a button, and a drawing of what you’re seeing will show up in your scratchpad for you to reference later on.
  • It saves a great deal of unnecessary running to and fro that different rounds of the class experience the ill effects of.

8. Dream

Here you are in the job of Howard Phillips, who is at a young age and consuming an exhausting time on earth that appears to be trapped. But, the experience starts when you, as a character, get open dreams.


Your journey begins with unraveling the significance of these fantasies as riddles and discover more about your future with each understood secret.

  • The ongoing interaction offers a 3D situation where you find ways to get an amazing significance.
  • An interesting component shields you from rehashing a similar situation and once more, and the ongoing interaction offers you three endings dependent on your activities.


In this discussion, we discussed some of the games like Myst. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Is the game Myst still accessible?

As arstechnica calls attention to, a great part of the Myst arrangement is as of now accessible for Windows 10 just Myst III and IV had never been refreshed for similarity, as the rights were held by an alternate distributer.

Would you be able to die in Myst?

The game has no time limit for the Stranger to kick the bucket, in light of the fact that the developers needed players to investigate at their own pace; however, there are a couple of manners by which players can neglect to “win” the game.

Is riven better than Myst?

Riven is apparently the best myst game, and yes, it’s justified, despite all the trouble. Because the riddles are incorporated into the earth, it feels more like a genuine spot. There is fundamentally no ‘request’ to fathom it in. Finding your way to these dissidents includes one of three principles perplexes in riven.

For what reason was Myst so well known?

Myst was in excess of a PC game. It was a bit of workmanship. Most PC games around then were cartoony. In any case, individuals cherished Myst on the grounds that it utilized your beige box as a medium to ship you to a world that was really otherworldly and convincing.

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