[11 Latest] Games like Terraria for Android, PC, iOS

Terraria is one of the best-regarded sandbox games and applications. Games played most of the time who finished it, and they play again and again to enjoy its fun. It is being played in the 2D world gaming system. It is based on exploring buildings and growing trees also.
If you love this fantastic game Terraria, you will love the games like this and are listed below. You guys must play and enjoy these fantastic games.


There are so many new games for all these platforms, just like Terraria’s application. You can now play and enjoy all these games and gain your skills to survive and get full excitement like the Terraria game.

Top 10 Games like Terraria for Android, PC, iOS



Roblox is also a client-based application. Different clients plan all stages. They arranged them in which way they like to play these stages. Fans love this fantastic game for its graphics.
Roblox indeed offers you to complete customization of your character, the same as Terraria game. It also has a premium membership, which is being called the developer’s club. From that, you can use premium features in the game that are only available for you.
Even kids nowadays play this game, and their parents suggest this application to them to gain knowledge and get some thinking skills. They play these games in free time, and also elders are now playing this type of game to gain their thinking abilities.



Minetest was released in 2010. It usually works on also old machines and runs very smoothly on them. And that machines cant deal with the requests of Minetest. It has less itemized designs and fewer survivor chances in this game.
You can make houses build shelters, and many other exciting things are added in this game. Fans will love this game.once they started playing. The character can be customized, .and you can purchase a premium membership to buy more things and have more fun in the game.
You can mine the caves for gold, diamonds, and many more new things updated in this version of the game. Do gather these things and make a good inventory in the game also.

3.Trump card

Trump card
Trump card

Trump card is one of the best sandbox applications and games for playing on old machine frameworks. It has many different thoughts, which can take you on the next level of excitement and thriller.
Once you started this game, you will enjoy this game more, and it also has new features according to the Terraria game .you can gain points by building and growing trees, and even building the shelters can provide you places to live in.
Whenever you are stuck in any situation that is hard to survive, you can use your different skills as trump cards to survive those situations. There are so many new gathering things for surviving in-game that you must collect them and use them to live a good life in the game.



Blockland is also known as an alternative to the Terraria game. The same features and games are the same.and it is lego of minecraft.blockland based on the piece, which makes an offer for casual .and cordial and symbol styles.
In this game, you need to build shelters and farmlands for crops and different foods to survive the winters. This game has amusement. That is why it worth playing. It has perfect visuals that attract the fans most, so they play it to have a good time in the game.
There are so many blocks that you have created in the game, and you choose blocks of land to survive in them. And gather your whole data in these blocks to survive winter and different seasons. You can also donate some of them to your people, those who don’t have shelters or anything to survive.

5.Dont starve

Dont starve
Dont starve

Don’t starve game is based on all over the surviving skills that are includes in this game. You need to gather the stuff for surviving, like foods, houses, and much more necessary for staying in this game.
It has affirmed for discharge on the new PlayStation 4 also. Now fans and critics can play this game on PlayStation as well. Don’t starve is the best application for players to enjoy the real excitement of this game.
Characters can fight the battles and rule their kingdoms also .and they can also gather gold for purchasing the other things worthy of having in the game.


Manic digger
Manic digger

Manicdigger is the best and straight forward free game, and it is straightforward and has smooth textures and visuals by which the players can easily understand it and play with excitement and spend the best time in the gaming world.
You will face the different modes and gameplays for gaining skills in these types of other games.this game is based on building houses, shelters and growing their crops for living and surviving in the game.

7.The crusaders


the crusaders game is based on some actual events that can be played on PlayStations. It is also available on android, computers, and ios platforms.there are so many excitements available in this game.
You have to build an army of some healthy people to attack others,s territories.you can grow foods and crops for surviving different seasons. You can raise animals like horses that can be used in battles for riding and having some powerful army to defeat enemies.



piece story gives you access to the various levels and stages, and you can join the tier of Minecraft as well in this game.this is the best alternative of terraria game.in which fans can have some real and fantastic fun.
You can choose the best gears for attacking other teams in the game. It can be played on computers, android phones, tablets, and ios platforms.
This story is based on a piece in which you can make a piece with other teams to surviving .and you have to keep your kingdom safe from enemies, so you must have to preserve and make the piece for it.



Minecraft is the one and best application ever made for fans and critics.they can play it and enjoy it by its amazing graphics and textures of this game.you can craft the mines for getting more gold.and some other precious things and diamonds.
This game is based on its different stages and levels.in. In this game, you can play and enjoy whole servers available in the game.you can play it on a multiplayer mode and in single-player mode.you have your strong army in this .you build houses to live in, build shelters and grow some foods again for surviving.
This is the best game of sandbox history that has ever been made in sandbox history. Many fans of this game are crazy about this game.some of them have already finished this game, and they also look alternative versions.

10.Ruler Arthur,s Gold

ruler of arthur king
ruler of Arthur king

Ruler Arthur,s Gold is the same application as Terraria and Minecraft.it is amusement like them to construct the so many different manors, minerals, trees, houses, and shelters in the game. It offers quick gameplay based on the 2D system of the gaming system.
It is likely Lord Arthur’s gold and offers the amazingly fun and excitement to enjoy this game. This game has the highest rated amount of substance to your rundown.you must stay strong and kind to help your people in different situations.


Mentioning these games are a way to tell fans that there are many games like the Terraria game. Whenever you finish a Terraria game, you guys will look for a game that is just like a Terraria game, so these games are best to play and enjoy the ideas and stories of games mentioned here.
Mostly games ideas are dragged from the Terraria application. These games are usually the same as Terraria. There are so many features like Terraria in these games also.

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1.Why suggest this type of game?

Because there are so many games like this people want to play and enjoy.

2.Are these games really fun?

Yes, these game are really fun that you can enjoy anytime

3.Where to download these games ?

There are many websites from where you download games.



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