15+ Games like Until Dawn for PS4, Xbox One, Steam, on PC

Until Dawn became the unexpected big hit in 2015. At the time of release, games such as Until Dawn did not arouse high expectations. You have a few stars like David Cage and his title catalog, but in most cases, the genre is not well-known.

Although “Until Dawn” does not necessarily change this, it gives players a new appreciation for the game, and it sacrifices the appeal of the game due to the lack of better words.

This is what the games in this list have in common. Although Until Dawn is famous for its horror elements, I think games that emphasize storytelling make people feel more at home.

1. Dying light

Although Vampyr presents a zombie-like antithesis in the form of ghosts, skydiving lights are a zombie city. The zombie apocalypse is just what, but the dying lights are fresher than in the past. An incredibly gorgeous structure has been built to discover it and spread it on an island with diverse architectural styles.

It was found in a variety of perceptible emergency weapons, many of which could be manufactured, resulting in the assembly of more than 1,000. You may find yourself encountering some difficulties, relying on electricity to run, then failing in the medieval Broadway (Broadway), and then quickly switching.

2. Mad max

Understandably, the movie “Mad Max” greatly influenced people’s praise for the concept of Apocalypse, which is understandable.

The stretch of sky and the empty desert provide incomparable beauty. Scenes were set for junk tag groups such as unfit bums, red predators, and sneaky cars. The atmosphere is a mermaid. This game makes players get lost in this apocalyptic world.

3. Gun

The game is played in a dazzling environment, and you play the role of the gunman protagonist Colton White. Introduced new auxiliary tasks, multiplayer game modes and other features. It happened in the Old West of the United States in 1880.

He must explore an open world and fight the enemy with shotguns, revolvers, bows and arrows, and various explosives. As the game progresses, you can choose to complete auxiliary tasks, including cattle grazing, poker tournaments, etc. The game will reward you with experience points, which can be used to unlock more weapons, tasks, and functions in the game.

4. Darkness

On the protagonist’s 21st birthday, his uncle Paulie Franchetti was assassinated with the aim of recovering the failed money. When the protagonist was hiding in the bathroom, the dark forces that had lived with his family for several years took control of the protagonist’s body and killed the remaining mobs.

Players must use their skills to destroy Poly’s business by killing her drug dealers (like Dutch oven Harry). There are various tasks available and players must complete each task to complete the game.

Players can use various weapons to take down targets and earn experience points, which can be used to unlock more weapons and tasks.

5. Damnation

The Curse” incorporates Steampunk developed by Blue Omega Entertainment and released by Codemasters, third-person shooting, and action-adventure. The game supports single-player and multiplayer game modes and is played in another earth’s history after the civil war. During the adventure, players work with NPCs, such as Yakecan, an Indian healer, and Jack a scientist and professor.

The game provides an open environment in which players can perform a series of Hollywood action stunts. With interesting mechanics, excellent features, and excellent gameplay, “The Curse” is an excellent game.

One of the most fascinating features of Fallout is the network of underground vaults in which survivors can escape. The idea of ​​establishing a liveable network under the city was further explored in “Metro: Last Light” which took place on the Russian subway system.

7. Impatient

This game is based on action and this also just like Until dawn, when you start playing this game you will never get tired from playing, it has many new features and weapons also, there are many new characters and graphics are very good.

8. Heavy rain

Widely regarded as the masterpiece of David Cage, “Heavy Rain” was released in 2010 and helped Cage reach the top of the list. The story of the game is much softer than Indigo Prophecy, and the graphics of Indigo Prophecy were considered the most advanced at the time. In this issue.

Cage tells a dark and troubling story about a man trying to rescue his son from a killer with the theme of origami. His identity will shock players. Just like before dawn, the narrative of “Heavy Rain” attracts you, and there is no one second.

9. Life is strange

No game can compare to “Life is Strange”. Everything from the game’s story, tone to presentation, and characters is unique, which is why it quickly attracted so many players after its release in 2015.

Your decision on this feature determines the narrative of the game. Although “Life is Strange” lacks elements of horror, its gameplay and the mirror of adolescent anxiety “Until Dawn” did not make the top ten on the list.

10. Beyond two souls

Another title of David Cage, this time a bit of star power. Beyond: The “Two Souls” released in 2013 may be the most commercially successful title on David Cage’s resume. This girl seems to have mental abilities because her spirit is connected with another spirit that can manipulate objects. Think of JoJo’s “Bizarre Adventure”, but not so strange, but strange.

11. Oxenfree

A group of friends decided to survive the difficult situation on a small island where the devil was asleep. If it sounds like a sequel to “Until Dawn”, it isn’t.

It is a game without oxen that brings the horror story of a group of friends to the old evil while maintaining a fresh feeling. The more you and other characters explore the island, the more you can reveal the mystery of the mysterious power behind the unexplained events.

The game inserts the AAA story on the printed package. It was the beginning of Kickstarter prior to its release in 2016. The game’s history is deliberately vague and, similar to “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” a large number of fans are invited to come up with their own theories about the island.

The game follows Jodi’s life because she learns to control her abilities. This story is sometimes even inspiring and heartbreaking. The game represents some of the best works of David Cage.

12. Call of Cthulhu

All Cthulhu since 017 is one of two games that tried to turn the myth of Cthulhu into a game. Cthulhu’s Call takes full advantage of the beloved board game to plunge you into the role of a hired investigator to uncover the mystery of the death of a beloved painter and his family.

Although the protagonist is a bit skeptical, at first, he quickly discovered and was forced to accept certain supernatural phenomena behind the mystery.

Although the game could have benefited from more improvements, the story told is both interesting and memorable. Lovecraft fans or supernatural students will enjoy Eldridge’s many Easter egg games, and those looking for other “until dawn” experiences will not be disappointed.

13. Murdered Soul suspect

An older game released in 2014 has developed rapidly under the search of many people and has received widespread praise. The game makes you feel like a detective who is the victim of a serial killer recently.

Until Darkness became more famous, the game became dark and boring without fully studying horror. The similarities between the two games are more in tone and playability. He must use his knowledge as a detective, in addition to new non-physical abilities, including controlling creatures.

14. Detroit: Become Human

Although there are several games that have benefited from the long-term expectations of fans, few games allow fans to wait longer than “Detroit: Become Human”.

The expectation of this game started after the release of the technical demonstration in 2012, that is, a video called Kara. In the video, a factory worker noticed that it seemed to have increased his sensitivity spontaneously and decided not to deal with it. To say that the video attracts the audience is an understatement. The problem is the disclaimer at the beginning of the video.

The disclaimer says: “The following snippet is a prototype running in real-time on PC. This is just a concept and cannot be taken from any software name currently under development.

15. Last of US

The most acclaimed game on this list, “Our Last”, is a contender on most of the “best games of all time” list. The game was released in 2013 and tells the devastating story of two people trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

With the game’s sequel scheduled to be released in the next few months, now is a great opportunity to relive this classic game.

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These games are just like until dawn play these games and also get fun more and more.


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