[11 Latest] Games Like Wizard 101

Wizard101 is an old game for the young audience and for the social association, but it absolutely had its minutes with interactivity. There are numerous games like wizard 101. With a wide world to search for and a lot of missions and classes to appreciate, this game caught numerous an individual’s heart.

Games Like Wizard 101

Nonetheless, there are numerous games out there that you can look at or show improvement over this title. That is the reason we listed this discussion to talk about other games like wizard 101.

Games Like Wizard 101
Games Like Wizard 101

To know more about these games, let’s take a look below on all the mentioned games like wizard 101.

1. Villagers and Heroes

In case you love the enchantment and experience sort, this game will make you need to play for quite a long time at fun. It has comparable ongoing interaction to Wizard101 as it includes searching various zones and securing supernatural forces.

1. Villagers and Heroes
1. Villagers and Heroes

This is one of the uncommon MMORPG games with a drawing in the storyline. You have to murder a wide scope of enemies while searching for your guide. The game gives you various compensations as you kill your enemies.

  • Villagers and Heroes bring you into a universe of enchantment the second you enter your game. It has a huge number of stages where you have to finish journeys to procure terrains and prizes.
  • You have the alternative to pick your character directly toward the beginning of the game. Minister, tracker, warrior, or wizard, which you can pick one from these four classes and begin playing.
  • Aside from mortal battle, you will need to perform different exercises, for example, exchanging things, constructing your home, gathering collections, and making objects.

2. Pirate101

It’s another game like wizard 101which is a greatly multiplayer online action game made by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players have to do the job of courageous privateers who set out looking for the fortunes of the “Winding.”

2. Pirate101
2. Pirate101

In Pirate101, you are pushed into a jail cell where you will plan your character, banner, and associates. You are also given a progression of questions that will decide your experience and your class.

  • The story takes you in getting away from the cell; you will continue for a battle to get away from the naval force that put you into jail.
  • What’s more, the chief that saved you will place in the order of his boat. At the point when you getaway, you are set eager to gain your own boat to cruise the skies and search the world.

3. Sherwood Dungeon

Sherwood Dungeon is a program based MMO with shortsighted interactivity. Sherwood Dungeon is a genuinely old title, but being allowed to play, you can, without much of effort, simply load up the game and give it a shot for yourself without any ramifications.

3. Sherwood Dungeon
3. Sherwood Dungeon

Actually, you wont be needed to make an account or concoct a name for your character, as the game permits you to play without either.

  • In any case, this is unrecommended, as the game won’t save your character after you have made it without an account.
  • In this game, you have an open world set free for you to search, and a gigantic prison that brings you miles underground.
  • While the ongoing interaction might be shortsighted, it absolutely is engaging, with all the beasts to battle, and the world to search, this is one a significant number of us will play for a considerable length of time.

4. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The game offers you the MMO ongoing interaction that mixes social highlights as well. So being a young guy or so, you can attempt the game and enjoy being for all intents and purposes social in addition to activity to jump on. It is another game like wizard 101.

4. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
4. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The characters are a decent part to play for youngsters or teenagers, so the game is devoted to them significantly. The characters come in the Marvel merchandise from where you can play a job of Hulk, Spiderman, and all superheroes from Marvel.

  • The ongoing interaction permits two sorts of control, either utilizing the mouse or the bolt keys.
  • Along these lines, you control your hero and move it on battling all the adversaries you experience while in transit to meet the biggest enemy.
  • There is no limitation on searching, and you are free for creating too by social event materials and make valuable things.

5. MilMo

MilMo merits being here to be one of the games like wizard 101. The game has a charming domain, and the characters appear to be truly lovable. The capacity to play in the game is a pleasant point that makes the experience brisk open.

5. MilMo
5. MilMo

MilMo is completely intended for more youthful players as the whole game world suits a more youthful crowd. You will adore this game where your excursion starts on an island, and you cross a few islands. Every one of these terrains is brimming with treasure, regions to search, and that implies so much experience.

  • Other than investigating, the ongoing interaction requires to accept missions and face the fights against adversaries.
  • There are a lot of beasts and boss beasts also to so you play with the sound judgment in this game.
  • A few visitors even permit picking the manner in which you need to complete them in.

6. Epic Duel

Epic Duel is a lively world with more mechanical characters that are so brilliant in themselves. Because of a similar idea of the battle framework and social affairs, it is one of the games like Wizard101. Here customization is accessible for weapons excessively not only for the character.

6. Epic Duel
6. Epic Duel

You can play the game in any program and feel the advanced things. Here you can feel both PvP and PvE, and that is unquestionably worth difficult.

  • The game permits you whether to battle against 1v1 or 2v2 and build up the accomplishments. Same as the wizard101, the game has classes, aptitudes, levels, etc.
  • The battle framework here is turn-based, where players select their best courses of action, and the success or loss relies upon that.
  • The more your details are, the more odds of winning you have.
  • Steer your character astutely and overcome the abilities to win.

7. RuneScape 3

While RuneScape might be somewhat old, this one can, at present, be named “an old one, however a decent one.” The consistent stream of updates that persistently hit this game has kept it alive for quite a long time longer then it ought to have endured.

7. RuneScape 3
7. RuneScape 3

It has been changed such a great amount from the first title itself that you can without much of the efforts call it RuneScape 3, with considerably more changes being arranged in 2020.

  • RuneScape is an MMO that permits you to make and structure your character; you are given different trouble options.
  • Filled to the edge with many journeys and much more opened when you purchase participation. Include this with significant measures of investigation, making, and outrageous social alternatives; a large number of us will be very well upbeat about this title.
  • The game is likewise free to play, and participation is a choice; not to forget, you can undoubtedly play most of this game with such cash included.


In this discussion, we discussed the best games like wizard 101. The data added here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Is Wizard 101 still dynamic?

From a game having more than 30 million players to the game, closing down is dismal. The game was called Combat Arms. Indeed the game is still up to a day at the same time, nobody truly plays, and that is the reason I said it was “shut down” as it were.

Is Wizard 101 despite everything pay to play?

Wizard101 has an allowed to play zone that you’re welcome to appreciate for whatever length of time that you need. Anyway, every school has an educational cost. In case that players wish to investigate past Triton Avenue, they should buy time in the game with a Membership, or territories in the game with crowns.

How costly is wizard101?

A month to month, enrollment is around $5 every month. That is more than reasonable for the greater part of the individuals playing. In case that you don’t care for the significant expense to open the zones with crowns, at that point, purchase participation.

What is the most limited world in wizard101?

The briefest is presumably Wizard City since you can do it in like 90 minutes with a full gathering, yet reasonably Marleybone is the briefest to the mission. Khrysalis is actually the longest and has the most zones of any world, each taking 1-3 hours. Azteca feels the longest.

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