[Latest FIX] MineCraft Keeps Crashing

Minecraft is one of the most foreseen games among gamers. It is released in 2011 and is a sandbox game that permits gamers to be imaginative and assemble their own 3D world situation. That is why it increased fast prominence and is being played by millions of people consistently.

MineCraft Keeps Crashing – Fixed

In case that Minecraft continues crashing on your PC, don’t freeze. Regardless of whether you’re getting issues like Minecraft continues crashing or your Minecraft crashes on startup, you can attempt the solutions in our guide to fixing your concern.

MineCraft Keeps Crashing – Fixed
MineCraft Keeps Crashing – Fixed

Well, this is a typical issue, yet extraordinary gamers are confronting the issue at various stages like Minecraft crashing on startup. Indeed, ordinarily, the bugs in the Minecraft game are probably going to cause the crashing issue. However, notwithstanding this, there are different reasons too liable for the Minecraft keeps crashing issue.

Here look at some of them:

  • Game documents defilement
  • Due to missing or invalid graphic card or video drivers
  • Outdated java structure
  • Due to the mods
  • Some bugs or errors in the game
  • Windows settings

To fix Minecraft keeps crashing error, we have seen the reasons why it may be caused by your system. Now we see some of the following fixes to this problem.

Restart your Computer

At times a basic restart attempts to fix different issues. Thus, to fix Minecraft crashing issue, close the game and restart your framework, and open Minecraft to check if the issue is settled.

Fix Corrupted System Files

As it is said over the corrupted framework documents causes the Minecraft crash on startup issue. So here, it is recommended to filter your framework with the SFC check or the DISM order.

Fix Corrupted System Files
Fix Corrupted System Files

Follow the means to run it:

  • Press Windows key + R > in the Run box > type CMD and dispatch Command Prompt as administrator
  • Now type provided orders “SFC/scannow” and hit Enter
  • Wait for the examining cycle to finish
  • And after that, restart your PC/PC

Update Minecraft

Have a go at refreshing the Minecraft as this worked for some clients to fix Minecraft crashing issue. Well, to refresh the Minecraft go to Microsoft Store and check for updates. All things considered, in case you have a Win32 variant, at that point, you can check for updates in the game.

Eliminate all MODS of Minecraft

It is also found that the MODS may be the reason for causing the error like your Minecraft keeps crashing. Minecraft keeps crashing errors in Windows 10 can be fixed after you eliminate all MODS from Minecraft and check if the issues are settled or not.

Update the Graphics Card Drivers

It is recommended to check the missing graphic card drivers and fix the error. Minecraft keeps crashing in Windows 10. Indeed, to refresh the graphic card drivers, you can go to the developer’s site and find the pursuit of the most recent versions of the updated drivers and introduce it in your framework.

This cycle is a serious time-taking and requires PC abilities. So it is worth to refresh the design drivers consequently with the Driver Easy. This is a serious tool that updates the whole drivers naturally viable with your framework and furthermore fixes different issues identified with drivers.

Update the game patches

By and large, the bugs in the game are probably going to cause the crashing, and there are developers that continue delivering the patches to improve Minecraft and fix bugs. So you ought to introduce the patches and stay up with the latest. This helps fix a few bugs that crash your game. You can download the most recent Minecraft from the web.

Update the game patches
Update the game patches
  • In case that you are utilizing mods, you can attempt to eliminate the mods, uninstall and reinstall the most recent version of Minecraft on your PC.
  • In case that Minecraft keeps crashing subsequent to refreshing or updating your game fix, don’t stress. That error may be fixed if you attempt any of these solutions.

Quit Overclocking your CPU

Overclocking implies setting your CPU and memory to run at speeds higher than their official speed grade. Practically all processors transport with a speed rating. Nonetheless, this may cause your games stuck on stacking or crashing, so you should set your CPU clock speed rate back to default to fix the issue.

Configure Correct settings

Empowering VBOs for your Minecraft can cause the accident, too, so you can verify the guidelines to turn VBOs. It works for some different clients. There are two choices to kill VBOs for your Minecraft:

  • Way 1: Turn off VBOs in your Minecraft Settings
  • Way 2: Turn off VBOs in your Minecraft record


In this discussion, we discussed the error of Minecraft keeps crashing, and we discussed in detail the solution in different ways. You can try any of these fixes as you like.

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For what reason does my Minecraft Java continue crashing?

OpenGL. This demonstrates a blunder has happened because of the contradiction between the video card driver and the Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL). Minecraft can crash because of a similarity issue with the video card driver at present introduced on your framework.

What causes the GPU to crash?

Graphic cards that have denounced any and all authority can make a PC crash. Only one out of every odd crash will be brought about by the designs card, yet in case that you have memory dumps empowered and they accuse the graphic card driver, you can securely say it’s the offender.

Will RAM cause games to crash?

Flawed RAM can cause a wide range of issues. In case you’re experiencing successive accidents, freezes, reboots, or Blue Screens of Death, an awful RAM chip could be the reason for your struggles. On the off chance that these irritations will, in general, happen when you’re utilizing a memory-escalated application or game, awful RAM is an imaginable guilty party.

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